Recent Questions

I need my 'Library Access Number'

For years OCLS has been providing 14-digit library access numbers as the means for students to access library articles and books. Course materials written over the years reflects this, and often encourages students to obtain their 14-digit library access number.

With the advent of Learning Studio students may now use either their MYIWU credentials [ firstname.lastname and your password ] or the [lastname and 14-digit library access number] to verify their student status.   The MYIWU login is offered first, and users must scroll down to use the old method of authentication.  

When the computer systems are running smoothly, then either method works well.   Therefore, using the fourteen digit library access number is no longer required for access to articles and books unless the backup system is required.  

Again, some older courses have not been updated, and still encourage students to obtain a library access number by phoning OCLS at 800-21-1848, or by using the request form found under "Key Links" on the OCLS menu.   You may certainly use these contact methods to request your library access number or to report problems with the log-on process; however, you probably can use your MYIWU login to obtain the materials required by your course.

I need the Visual Bible DVD mailed to my home

The Visual Bible retelling of the Book of Acts is now available as a YouTube Video, saving students the delay of waiting for a DVD to be mailed.